At Strategic minds, we’re genuinely more thankful than proud for our achievements to date and grateful for the references we can provide. The approach we are known to bring to our work and relationships, supported by the portfolio of successful projects we have developed, allows us to continue to receive responsibility of large budgets on behalf of international companies and to just as happily provide our full range of services to satisfy the needs of smaller clients and individuals looking to develop their businesses ‘properly’. More Information On Specific Areas Of Work And Specialization Is Available Upon Request.

Our portfolio of clients and contacts continues to include leading players from across a wide range of industries: fashion, Telecoms, data-mining and consumer insights specialists, B2B and B2C Computer & Electronics accessories distributors, Real Estate developers, market entry specialists, insurance brokers, non-profit organisations and diversified professionals and hi-end entrepreneurs. We also maintain a very special ongoing relationship with the major players at all B2B and B2C levels of the Diamond and Jewellery trade worldwide. Please scroll down to see a selected overview of what just some of our business contacts have to say.

“Working with Strategic Minds is like ‘living’ all the great marketing books published so far. Yoel himself is a multi-talented individual. Balancing his extremely strong emotional assessment with rational analytical skills makes him a true marketeer; and his team follows his lead. His marketing skills and expertise are probably genetically pre-programmed in his genes. I can’t wait for him to write a book on his road marketing experience in the field. His dynamic and pragmatic approach combined with his great attachment to human values makes him a great marketing asset for solving any challenging problem. I do definitively recommend talking to Yoel about your most challenging marketing projects.”

Alain Glickman Porush, Customer Insight Director (Global), at Orange/France Telecom

“Yoel Calek is a business associate who has contributed significantly to the development of the CITIGEMS Jewellery chain of stores in Singapore. Through his strategic insights, Yoel has provided invaluable advice during the crucial years of the brand’s growth. He is also instrumental in forging a solid and close relationship between the key stakeholders and has, many times, put forward initiatives to strengthen that relationship.

Yoel also played a key role in introducing the DeBeers Forever mark in Singapore which is the single most important initiative to reinforce the quality mark of not only CITIGEMS but also raising the overall integrity and trustworthiness of the entire jewellery industry.

Yoel is an insightful strategist with excellent eye for details. He exudes a passion for his work that is both contagious and inspiring. He has high EQ and often becomes the life of the party. For all the above, Yoel is a fantastic professional to work with.”
Mike Lim
Michael Lim is one of SE Asia’s most respected marketers. He has worked at Director level for The Aspial Corporation Ltd – Singapore’s leading jewellery manufacturing and retail chain (4 retail brands) and currently at Heineken

“Our company was helped by Yoel as a marketing professional at a specifically interesting and challenging time in our company’s development. In Yoel we met a young at heart and talented marketer and most importantly an honest businessman. We very much enjoyed working with him – despite our geographical distance, we received immediate responses to all our requests. All the above allowed us to work together in a truly beneficial manner. Today we continue to work together on business development and marketing projects.

In 2009 with the change in our corporate structure we decided to revisit our Corporate Identity and re-design our Brand Identity and positioning in the marketplace. As a 3rd generation diamond manufacturer purchasing rough at source and supplying the finest diamonds to the most prestigious watch and jewellery brands worldwide, the importance of ‘getting it right’ for the company left little room for error. Yoel developed a visionary new “marketable concept”, communicated the new platform throughout our company as well as to our client base and specifically guided our Salespeople.

The concept was realized with a full range of creatives from Strategic Minds including our new logo, YDI’s new ‘brand positioning tagline’ – EXACTLY THE DIAMOND YOU WANT – along with all new HouseStyle items for all our offices and personnel, company brochures, initial advertisements, full sample website, exhibition stands and hand-outs and communication briefs to all our clients and key stakeholders… everything we could need to continue to bring our strengths to market without skipping a beat.”

ORI FLUK – CEO, Yoshfe Diamonds International – one of the world’s leading diamond companies offering a service platform that is unique in the industry.

“Yoel’s ability to provide professional and penetrative insight provided immediate benefit in the context of our corporate interactions. His judgment showed itself to be impeccable and his conduct exemplary. He adapts rapidly and well to different markets, and has a strong understanding of the importance of ‘how to work with people effectively’ to achieve a mutually beneficial result.”

Scott Richards, CEO Ekonu, Dubai
Economic Development Consultancy to Governments and Heads of State.

“From 2007 through 2009 Strategic Minds provided Somatek Inc. with business development advice to along with several relevant introductions. Subsequently, we have discussed other projects and I always appreciate Yoel’s perspective and creative ideas. Hopefully, we will have opportunities to work together again in the future.”

Mark Fitchmun, SOMATEK Biotechnology Consulting
Over 25 years of experience developing products for both biomedical research and FDA regulated clinical applications.

“Yoel Calek and I have been in business interaction several times within the last 6 years and, every time, I appreciated his strong tactical approach and pragmatism when discussing our deals with win-win objectives. Furthermore, his intercultural understanding and open-mindedness enabled our companies to develop good relationships and trust for future developments. I sincerely hope to work with Yoel again in the future.”

Nicolas Preaux, as Business Development Manager DeBeers Group Marketing France
CEO at Cherry Diamond –

“A great creative mind and a truly passionate marketing expert. A great discussion partner open to ideas and insights, Yoel is very approachable and inspirational to work with.”

Susan Atefy, as Head of Client Services Development (B2B), Diamond Trading Company (De Beers Group) 

“Yoel has a creative mind and makes sure that his ideas translate into action in a very consequent way. He is flexible, knows how to stimulate and motivate people and is fun to work with.”

Phil Hoymans, Director, Bonas-Couzyn (Antwerp) nv

“Yoel is a bright and multi-talented marketing professional, with great dedication and passion for his job.

He is forward thinking and committed to excellence in every facet of his work. He is very good at taking a strategic view of a marketing programme, applying a structured planning and analysis process, and adding great creative execution in all aspects.”

Birgit Maene, Diamond Broker, Bonas Couzyn (Antwerp) nv

“I really found the Genesis SE ASIA PROJECT visual material I saw, very powerful. I like the water idea: water as depth, intimate emotion but also mystery and glamour like a precious treasure to discover. On the other hand the ‘waves’ movement reminds me of a dynamic and modern feeling. The mysterious inner wealth that the woman look reveals materializes on the diamond ring light and the whole visual, so serene and immediate, strongly communicates the self confidence of a choice.

To me this is a woman who chooses herself the “Genesis” diamond as a reflection of her need of simplicity, discreet elegance and high quality.All round, the work is very good and the visual message is clear and immediate.”

Marco de’Micheli
Marco de’Micheli is a fashion designer who has worked companies such as Moschino, Gianfranco Ferrè, Ferragamo, Escada, etc.

Working with Yoel is real pleasure. He is sharp, precise, committed and never forget the short and long term goal of your project. He manages also to put himself overly available in spite of his busy schedule. Also very important for me, Yoel is someone with a big heart and a person that you can trust with your eyes closed!

Anthony Asael, New York, USA – Founder and Executive Director, Art in All of Us (NPO) –

“Yoel has established himself as a leading marketeer in the Diamond and Jewellery industry. He understands where a client is and then identifies interesting avenues that offer real growth and development. Sometimes challenging ‘the way things are typically done’ he draws on his broad experience from other areas, and will creatively move a project from conception all the way through to implementation. This way he has proven that he can create platforms and marketing campaigns to make his clients stand out in the best of ways.

Finally, he’s a natural people person, real fun to work with, and will gladly consider and appropriately incorporate the suggestions and ideas of others.”

Jeremy Zulsbacher, CFO and on behalf of WINDIAM

I run a successful Events Company in Barcelona & Madrid and after 9 years of growth we reached a plateau beyond which we could not move. It seemed like we had run out of ideas. When I first called Yoel I was obviously cautious because of the all round sensitivity of the situation. I really did not know people like Yoel existed… he is the real deal.

Through a series of carefully crafted questions, he got me to succinctly identify my needs. In one conversation he diagnosed my issues and set about strategically positioning my business in the right direction. I listened to every word this guy said and followed it to the letter. We’ve worked together with Strategic Minds for about 7 months. He literally gave me 100´s of ideas.

Yoel continues to give us easy to follow creative pointers on how to market our activities in a fun, innovative and meaningful manner. My passion is over flowing, the business is now in its next growth phase and we are looking at a very exciting 2015 indeed.

Tony Anagor, Barcelona, Spain – CEO Lifestyle DMC – |

“Consulting with Yoel is a tremendous help! Initially I was in a dilemma on how to position my company and which path to go from here and his support was truly exceptional. Not only did he understand exactly the various challenges and issues I was facing but he also provided an outside point of view that, together with his business knowledge, helped me see the big picture. Once again thank you so much for your help always!”

Sara Rocha e Cunha – Entrepreneur, Lisbon Portugal

“You’ll gain much and lose nothing by speaking to Yoel. A lot of times as entrepreneurs, we are focused on the big picture, but tend to forget the basics. My session with Yoel proved very refreshing because he was able to review my business with a fresh set of eyes which allowed for some creative “out of the box” sales and marketing strategies after re-establishing the essentials too. He is very knowledgeable in his own respect, and I highly recommend others to take him up on his offers!”

Anthony Davani, New York.
Managing Partner at Kreoo by Decormarmi –

“I’ve been running Rouge Noir PR in the UK for some time now, representing and showcasing an eclectic group of emerging fashion designers. I first contacted Yoel in late 2010. It’s amazing what a wide range of insight and input this man can provide!! It’s like he puts all his experience and knowledge on the table and selects exactly what will work best – or comes up with something perfect right then. Since then we have been enjoying his company’s input on so many things… our own positioning, creating brand stories for our clients, looking at brand identity visuals, strategic communication… because it’s ridiculous not to at least check things with him! He’s certainly made my life easier and my clients happier.”

Kristina (Kiki) Spiojnak – Rouge Noir PR

“Working with Yoel you are immediately struck by his warm natured and multi-faceted character as well as intelligence and wide-ranging knowledge. Yoel has a quick grasp of what makes people tick and what’s going on in their business and industry. He will identify the heart of the problem or spot an opportunity, and express it interestingly in ways that are often eye-opening, with impressive speed.

Across the diverse projects we worked on together over 18 months, Yoel’s advice was ‘bang on’ every time, and those prudent enough to follow his easygoing guidance saw their businesses improve significantly as a result. His sharp insight and deep understanding of what must be done to achieve the objectives, coupled with his ability to apply it practically, a skill too many marketing “consultants” lack, further sets him apart as a leading professional in his chosen field. Moreover, Yoel’s dedication to his work and his clients is uncompromising, and he is committed to them 24/6.”

Michael Goitein is a lawyer in London, multi-lingual freelance copy writer (several international publications) and previously a specialist in strategic organizational management.