Below are some of the comments from a range of wonderful entrepreneurs and company owners from around the world after ‘Skype’ consultations with our director. Please see: for an idea of what you can expect from more broad ‘project related’ work and more ongoing interaction with our team.

Over the last couple of years we began to offer remote and on-site 1-on-1 consulting and mentoring. The goal of such ‘no strings attached’ consults is to quickly understand your business and key challenges and to provide immediately actionable solutions to the areas that will have most positive impact on your work to success. Each session usually lasts 60-90 minutes and comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not totally delighted with the input and advice you have received during the conversation. The idea is to guarantee you have far more real value than you can imagine from our conversation. You will not be disappointed. You’ll walk away motivated with a new and empowering perspective; a range of far-reaching insights, clear direction, essential information and responsible growth-focused ideas that you will be able to put into action with great immediate and long-term benefit. For more information or to book your time be in touch sooner rather than later and we’ll enjoy a highly productive talk with smiles in all the right places:)

“When it comes to the business of marketing, I must say no one knows better than Yoel Calek.
A few months ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Yoel. During our conversation he focused on a few important marketing pointers; showing how to more appropriately communicate our positioning and the benefits we offer. And of course I thought to myself, why didn’t anyone else tell me these thing? Anyway long story cut short, I took lots of notes and applied a few of the strategies that Yoel put forward and I soon started to notice that visitors stayed on my site longer. Of course, I saw an increase in profits and all I did was just change one simple thing – I spoke to a man who was quick to understand and care about my visions, passionate about getting me to where I needed to be and shared his expertise and practical know-how clearly. Amazing!!”

Amore Leighton Black, Founder and CEO of NYFEN, a film and entertainment industry networking, resource, events and support platform for emerging professionals in all fields of the industry.

Just finished talking with Yoel, who I have to say was extremely generous with his time.

Honestly this man is a genius. Yoel blew my mind away with his on the spot advice and perfect evaluation of the situation. Truly an exceptional man and even more a truly exceptional and enlightening experience. I used what he suggested to me to specifically challenging issues and his advice worked perfectly. Thanks Yoel for Everything. I am truly in your debt.

Mohamed Soliman – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Regional Sales Director, Röder HTS Höcker

“Yoel is both highly intelligent and also very personable. A true optimist with fire in the belly; he is passionate & always tries to push himself and his team to the limit. Yoel possesses wide & varied knowledge of Marketing, Branding and everything associated, spanning across different sectors. He has an excellent grasp of global marketing trends, as well as broader macro issues impacting evolving global business. Whenever I have had the good fortune of communicating with him, I have come away, enlightened, inspired and motivated to believe more, do more.”

Marut Bhardwaj, Gurgaon, India – Marketing Director & Chief Brand Strategy at M Marcom Services, The Brand Weavers

Billy SpielmannI was fortunate enough to get my consultation with Yoel Calek a few days ago. Well, what a mind-blowing experience!
I don’t know where to start, but I can only say that every second was worthwhile. His advices are so valuable and he definitely takes the time to get to know you and your business, and draft a plan to success. If you want to take your business (and yourself) to the next level, I seriously recommend you get in touch with him.
Thank you Yoel.

Billy Spielmann – Caterpillar Birmingham, UK and Zurich, Switzerland –

You will definitely get more in “use value” from Yoel and Strategic Minds than what you pay for. Yoel’s feedback was honest, inspiring & offered great insight into so many things… The insight was fantastic – so simple, yet so profound at the same time. He is spot on in his analysis of where you are as a business & where you need to move to. His tips on how to develop will definitely nudge you in the right direction. What’s more, Yoel is easy to get along with & he knows how to speak to you on a personal level so that you really are on the same page. Thank you so much Yoel for your time, generosity & the great inspirational chats. May your generosity return ten-fold.

Maia Jordan and Alan Kalan – South Africa, Creative Collective Events & Experiential

People – unreservedly recommend to do this. He has an impressive and fresh way of looking at your business. With some interesting anecdotes to drive in the point. Without getting ‘overly’ enthusiastic, I must confess, I did finish the conversation feeling very invigorated and full of ideas. Yoel, you have an incredible talent, skill and training, my friend. Thanks again, Patrick.

Patrick Muwowo, Tanzania, previously Director at Standard Chartered Bank, currently Deputy Country Director, TecnoServe Tanzaniawww.technoserve.organd Founder & Managing Partner at Argenta Capital Partners Ltd.

Yoel, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your time and spot on advice!! Not only did you get me out of “The Waiting Place” but you provided me with ingenious out of the box ideas with which to make the most of my time NOW… rather than twiddling my thumbs. I love your approach and how you only view obstacles as opportunities; how even the ‘worst case scenario’ can have a positive spin. To anyone else reading this, Yoel has the ability to make light of a seemingly dark situation and turn a negative into a positive in an instant.

Whatever dilemma/problem/situation you may face, you will come away from the conversation not only with solutions but grinning ear to ear too. Yoel really is a man of his word. Take him up on it, you won’t regret it!

Natasha Stuart, London, UK – Owner at Miss Matahari Fashion Sportswear –

Simply amazing. Thank you very much for those two hours of not only productive, useful and insightful talk, but also of joy to talk to you. Your feedback was essential for me and I am looking forward to digest all that we have discussed today. Thank you for your contribution to make a world a better place to be.
Best, Rza

Rza Aliyev – Baku, Azerbaijan & NY, USA – Strategy and Development Specialist for private companies, government agencies and NGOs –

Sneha JoshiYoel, I want to say “thank you” for taking time out for me. I definitely am feeling very lucky to have come across your LinkedIn post and profile. It was wonderful talking to you yesterday. I feel motivated, inspired and more so, enlightened. You are a very intelligent and intuitive person – how you figured out some of the things you did about me is beyond my imagination. Your insights are brilliant, and I am starting to act on them. Especially, what you said about ‘not mixing talents’, ‘getting a marketing head’ and ‘how to develop a better brand identity and clearer business model’ has changed my approach completely. Your advice is so sorted. I can’t believe you helped me to such an extent in 90 minutes and all with ‘no strings attached’. I am very grateful. I hope we can keep in touch and maybe someday I get a chance to return the ‘extra’ goodness to you 🙂

I just had an astounding and eye opening session with Yoel. He did take some time from his busy schedule to go over my website and our internet presence as well as researching our industry. He then proceeded to give me ideas and information on how to better our strategic thinking and to look “outside” the box for some of our challenges. It was a very interesting and informative session talking with an authority in the field of marketing.
Not only he did he open my mind to new ways of marketing, but after talking with him, I feel that I have found a very good and caring friend all the way in Belgium! Thanks again, Yoel.

Michel Zohouri, CEO, ZoHo Stone – Florida-USA
20 years manufacturing custom made building solutions and consulting for Architects and Construction Companies

Just finished a long, comprehensive consultation over Skype with Yoel. I am impressed by his principles, which manifest in his work and determine his interactions with others. He’s incredibly generous with his time, lends great insight into the branding and strategy of the company and sets you into a new mode of looking at things. He’s able to see what’s important to your business, look at the issues unique to your industry (and your niche within it) and strategize accordingly with you. That was a really great marketing mind I just spoke to; I hope others would similarly benefit as I did.

Hajar Ali, Singapore – Partner, Urban Nomads, Luxury Adventure Travel, Masters Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies, Mensa

Yoel, let me thank you for your sharp ideas to improve the impact of our business, the time you spent on accurate reviewing and analyzing our website and last but not least for the congenial manner to discuss the above mentioned with me on Skype.

Not only did I enjoy the true and inspirational advice you gave me concerning AIMED, but moreover the spirit and fun it was, is, (and I know further will be), talking with you. Truly remarkable!

Leopold (Leo) Feiler – Munich, Germany, AIMED services well-known world brands and those who want to get there with “multimedia experiences that deliver YOUR message to the people you need” –

Great chat, very educational, informative, entertaining. An absolute pleasure and very surprising and great at reading people as well, I’d say. Really appreciate his insight and can confidently recommend having a chat with him to anyone who wants or needs a fresh perspective on their current marketing strategies and new business ideas. Yoel, thank you for having put so much of your time aside and for all the help since our first chat.

John Broad, Natal, Brazil – Partner at PRIME Real Estate Investments and Development

I just had the most amazing business consultation with Yoel. I have been working on two businesses for the last 5 years and felt at a crossroads in terms of moving forwards to the next level. Yoel gave the best solution possible: Be your brand! He then gave more than I ever could have imagined, detailing foundational and innovative some immediately actionable changes; extra value all out of pure generosity.

Francesca Gordon-Smith – Director, Positive Voice and Smiths English, UK
A trained NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Francesca Gordon-Smith empowers businesspeople to reach their potential through a range of specialized services and resources that build self-confidence and communication skills at all levels. –

I cannot thank you enough Yoel. I am truly appreciative of the time you spent with me yesterday. Knowledge acquired is only good if you are willing to use it. After our discussion yesterday I’ve put the ax to the majority of the material and I am completely reworking it. Your ideas that we discussed were insightful, concise, and actual things that I have and I will continue to implement regardless of what I work on.

Seth Cooper, Cape Coral, Texas-USA – Sales Director at Energy Smart

I’ve just finished a brilliant call with Yoel and after all the well deserved comments I’d already seen from others online it’s really impossible to add anything new to compliment him. It was incredibly inspiring to gain advice not only from someone who is certainly an expert in their field, but more importantly genuinely has your best interests at heart and is passionate about imparting knowledge to others. Thanks again Yoel, I’m extremely grateful for your time.

Tania Man, Anglesea, Australia & London, UK, award-winning car racing driver (first woman to race in the Porsche Carerra Cup GB)

Big thank you and appreciation for the input you gave me. I highly recommend your insight and knowledge and will definitely be in touch with you again in the near future.

Deon Fourie, Cape Town, South Africa – founder and CEO CardZapp, the world’s most interactive BizCard mobile application. –

Well what can I say, WOW. Yoel spent nearly 2 hours on Skype talking with me about increasing productivity within our business. He is a great guy, extremely professional and his advice and knowledge is priceless. If you are seeking some direction from an experienced developer of business I would highly recommend having a conversation with him. Yoel, I can’t thank you enough.

Richard M. Spencer, London, UK, CEO at Mayfair & Bond, financial investments in commodities and mining – 

Wow! Where do I begin!?  – It was beyond a pleasure speaking with Yoel earlier this week! Engaging…inspiring…motivating… and… remarkable:) These are the words I used this morning to describe our conversation to a close friend of mine.

Our Skype conversation, of two hours, went beyond the scope of what I had originally anticipated to be a simple, fairly short, “exploratory” conversation. Not only did he offer priceless insight into my business, but he delivered it with such a tremendous amount of passion. He was so engaging; I’m not embarrassed to say that I found myself glued to the computer, trying to soak in every word he spoke! Yoel, certainly is a strategic thinker, and if at any point you are going through a “lull” as an entrepreneur, one conversation with him will quickly get you back on your feet.

Lindsay Colbus, New York, USA“jewellery designed for the clothes you wear”

Yoel, firstly, I would like to thank you for your time. I know it was rushed and you had a flight to catch yet you still made the time to talk to me. Secondly, I truly appreciate the insight you shared with me; it has given me the incentive to change some thoughts around. Thirdly, you are such a gentleman; and such passion and charm when you speak. So thank you again, God bless your heart and your mind. ‘Can’t wait to continue our conversation.
Readers: I didn’t even know where to start. Drop Strategic Minds a line; it will always lead somewhere.

Mazin Ghazzawi – Saudi Arabia/Lebanon – Owner, Namazte Jewelry | Partner, G Design Group – Architecture and Design

Last week Yoel and I connected on Skype for a little over 2 hours. He not only shared with me his insight, he provided me detailed notes and our conversation gave me a different perspective to consider when speaking to investors. This is real people, I would recommend every business owner take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Yoel, Adam and I are ever so grateful, the document with a ‘new brand overview’ that you and your team put together for us as an unexpected follow-up bonus is detailed and dynamic. Words can’t express the gratitude we have for you. We will incorporate all you’ve shared towards our practice and our website.

Ramfis Myrthil, NY USA – CEO, BEAST of the EAST Productions, a New York film-making company –

Yoel,  What an incredible talk!
Thank you so much for your time, insight and so much more. It is such a wonderful and refreshing gift to meet someone with so much knowledge and perspective, generosity and humor, and I feel lucky and inspired for having met you.
I wish you all the best in everything you do and look forward to keeping you updated.
Thank you, it was truly a pleasure to meet you!

Gaby Wehn, BALI, INDONESIA & NY, USA – Fashion Photographer, Journalist, Filmmaker –

True to your offer – you came through – and provided clarity and direction for my current film project! You are a gentleman and a professional with a genuine desire to help, which is refreshing: ) You gave me one idea and during the course of the last month have helped me make it a reality. I just wanted to say a big thank you.

Stephen Mitchell, Barcelona, Spain & London, UK – Director at RDT Productions –

Yoel, it was great talking to you today. I highly appreciate the time and effort you put into this, sharing your expertise and giving me real, direct and focused advice. Genuine, exceptional and enlightening! Thank you!

Lina Awwad, Czech Republic & Dubai: Creator of SPIRIT OF THE SUN (alcoholic honey beverage)

Yoel very generously spent about 4-5 hours with me altogether, discussing many aspects of marketing, PR and presentation of my business in general. Some things I had already thought about in the past, but speaking to Yoel gave me the incentive to stop thinking and to start implementing them. Other things I hadn’t even considered before which was great; I’ve already started implementing some of them and can’t wait to try the others too.

I’m a photographer, not a marketing specialist, so I was grateful to have an experienced and fresh pair of eyes looking at my business and giving me some honest and truly helpful feedback. It’s well worth taking him up on his offer. Thanks again, Yoel, and feel free to add my comments to your already glowing client testimonials!

Graham Mitchell – fashion photographer, Kiev Ukraine and Dubai –

Invaluable insight and constructive criticism from a kind-hearted Marketing Guru. Yoel, thank you so much for your generosity and precious time (2 hours that is !) and advice. It is so refreshing to come across genuine people like you!

I am confident this consultation will produce great results that I look forward to sharing with you.

Sissi Johnson – Paris/NY – Business Relations Director,


Worth every minute it on the phone; a real pleasure to speak with Yoel and was such a massive help. I would recommend to anyone.

Stuart Robertson, Brighton, UK – CEO at Glo-Wild, Widlife Management –

Yoel, you really do know what you are talking about! You very clearly identified how I could position myself more effectively and why… you nailed it exactly. I appreciate your time and everything you said was accurate and further confirmed my thoughts and why I was stalling with the redesign of my website and some other strategic plans. I really enjoyed getting to know more about you and what you do – thank you again, Nadine.

Nadine Piat-Niski, Brisbane, Australia – Lifecoach and Relationship Specialist –

Really enjoyed my conversation/consultation with Yoel. I highly recommend him; expert in his field, great attitude, and he can easily go from the 10,000 ft birdseye view to the 10 ft ground level view. From high-level advice to tactical, immediately actionable suggestions.

Stelios Xeroudakis, Nassau Bahamas –

Wow! I needed that Yoel… Your advice is amazing. You simplified everything for me… I needed that “slap” to get me back on track. You are a man of your word… No strings attached. Incredible. You’re a good man. Many blessings to you and your family… Big Thank you.

Jenny Barnette, Miami, USA – Award-winning Artist and Sculptor –

It was a great pleasure talking to Yoel, I felt like he already knew what I was going to ask and what to answer. Business-therapist. Once again thank you very much for this conversation!

Boris Borisovitch, Ukraine & NYC, USA – Founding Partner and Sales Director at: |

Yoel, that was the most incredible conversation – such depth of analysis and strategy development to move business to a totally different dimension. Your shrewd input and amazing ideas for business development are truly appreciated. The fact that you were so informative is unbelievable – So much food for thought!

Marina Kogan, Russia & Wales, UK – Owner, Kogan Coaching –

Just met Yoel yesterday. He’s funny, brilliant and pragmatic at same time, and his capability to see through you, is incredible. Business and personal wise, Yoel has so much to give, that time is never enough while talking with him. He knows best and the way he does it, is so empathic and simple that you wonder yourself, why you didn’t meet him before, as life would be “better” after that.

Business was part of our conversation; the real experience was him himself. From the hi to bye handshake, I felt as talking with an old friend. Why does he do this? He’s a real, genuine good person. In his “show” you are not just audience… you play the main role.

Matteo Hlaic, Rome/Brussels, CEO at Monetcristo Accessori –

Hi Yoel! Thank you very much for very valuable advice. I found your insight very sharp, straightforward, practical, strategic and “remarkable”. It has been a pleasure meeting you as professional and I look forward to work with you to see your strategic mind implemented! Take care, Marianna

Marianna Penna – London, UK – Full-service bespoke showrooms and PR for fashion brands –

Just had a great conversation with Yoel, thank you for your input and advice. Definitely gave me a different and great perspective on my projects. Thanks again.

Vlad Ches, Studio City, USA – Online Marketing and App developer
| |

Thank you so much for your time and information provided – truly appreciate it. As I mentioned to you when we spoke; you made my mind spin. With the tools provided, I have a better understanding as to which direction I need to go in order to take things to the next level. Thanks again!

Sandra Vega, Mexico and London – Founder at LaMarca, delivering a range of actionable insight and hands-on support for business development between the UK and Mexico and Owner, online “Mexico” store

Hi Yoel, Thank you so much for taking 2 hours out of your night to speak to me. I really appreciate the time you spent to help me with marketing my business, and, as others have mentioned, with your ability to pinpoint difficulties in my specific situation as well as provide simple examples and methodology to develop a plan for the future of my company.

You were so charismatic, helpful and generous with your time; it was remarkable in all senses of the word.

Sanjay Belani, Los Angeles, USA – Photographer & Filmmaker –

I had a 2 hours consult with Yoel. Amazing insight, fresh ideas, focus, structure… and he is sharing so generously his time and experience! This great man is a genius. Make sure you connect with Yoel, even if you think you don’t have a problem, he will give you energy, motivation and enthusiasm to take that next step. Thank you Yoel!

Anja Vrandecic, Serbia & Montenegro / New York – Team Leader and Trainer at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit – – and International Senior Advisor at CEFE International

Just had a ‘no strings’ 2 hours call with Yoel who blew my mind.
I’ve recently had a huge change in my life, and he managed to take bare bone concept for a new venture and turn it into actionable tasks to bring it down to earth, and take off in the right direction. Amazing insight, great banter, and a genuinely helpful and inspiring session, where I’m now unable to stop actioning what we discussed. No-brainer decision to get in touch with him and let him into your business. Buzzing!

Toby Street, London, UK – Internet and Social Media Marketing specialist

I want to thank you for your time; time that you spend helping me in my business… Really, it was wonderful! I truly appreciate all that motivational insight that you shared with me, giving me another perspective, provoking me to move to my next stage with confidence and a different strategic approach.
Thank you for your passion of helping people with your work!! It was a pleasure to meet you!

Vanessa Lourenço, France & Brazil, unique swimwear concept and design –

Talking to Yoel is really helpful, and talking about strategy is exactly what I like. So thank you Yoel, for your great inputs on MySuites branding strategy. Your experience is valuable and your time and efforts are much appreciated!

Leonardo (Leo) Annecca – New York, USA, CEO luxury hospitality suites company –

Hi Yoel, I would like to thank you for all of your advice, motivation and inspiration! Our chat last month gave me a whole new lease of energy for my project. Thank you very much for your presentation; it was worth waiting for – it’s a great help and really does clarify things! Things are going really well so far and I feel that I have a lot more direction thanks to all of your innovative ideas. I’m now ready to put an action plan together.

Heidi Gordon-Smith, Santiago, Chile

A very big THANK YOU to Yoel… for making time to chat and discuss and give me insight into what I was missing. Not only did I learn valuable lessons in growing my business and my knowledge but also to be a good humanitarian. Talking to you was remarkable, and I want to say has made remarkable difference in way I think… new input new results. So, thank you!

Bipin Vernekar, Queensland, Australia, CEO Business Development at S&A Capital Pty Ltd, a mercantile, merchant capital and commodities brokerage group –

ALANA WINTER - stiletto spy schoolYoel, our talk had such an effect.
Because of you, I sat down and started … Now I have three interesting calls set up over the next few days that never would have happened.
You totally inspired me. I could have sent you this privately, but figured I’d give you a public shout out. You’re a star!

Alana Winter – New York, USA – CEO, Stiletto Spy School  –