A Philosophy that Matters

We do what we do because:

  • We’re really good at we do
  • We love what we do, and find it uplifting on a personal level to help a company of any size achieve its goals
  • It’s all about YOU. Well, it should be. We think it’s ridiculous (wrong) that other consultancies all-too-often provide ‘solutions’ that by all accounts tend to be not really hands on, nor compellingly creative, and are frequently disappointingly un-customized (as well as overpriced!)

“every day a new challenge; every day a new opportunity”

There is an underlying idealism that has allowed Strategic Minds to develop a wide range of experience working closely with companies large and small, global and regional, across diversified industries. Throughout our involvement in any given project, it is imperative to us to remain committed to 4 ideals:

  • To be as good as we can be in every way we know to be – for as long as we are able to happily do so
  • To always think and work in the best interests of our clients
  • To “be there” for our clients in real terms from start to finish of a project… and a little bit longer too. (It is deeply disconcerting to us that some consultancies deliver proposals and action plans and quite simply seem to walk away from that point on.)
  • To always deliver relevant and immediately actionable solutions and charge “justified” fees for the work we undertake. We don’t leave you with a bunch of unintelligible ‘marketing models or reading material’ and we don’t take percentages of YOUR success.

When we work with you we guarantee at least:
Excellent Work. Unparalleled Support. Justified Fees. And always something more…