I love this statement from David Ogilvy. It’s so true and so important. “When people read your copy, they are alone,” he wrote. Keeping this in mind when you write will change what and how you say what you want. Whether you are sending a sales letter, a request, a thank you, sorry note, writing your book or blog or almost anything of importance to you, you have the opportunity to be inside your recipient’s head for a moment or more. Being aware of this as you share your thoughts will make a massive difference to the reaction and interaction you can expect.

It’s no secret that a good blog can do wonders for your market position and ability to generate good business. Investing some time in writing your blog posts and promoting your blog will enhance your standing in your sector and can draw in potential clients and referrals in a perfectly non-too-pushy manner.

There are lots of inexpensive things you can (and perhaps should) do to improve the visibility of your blog. Type “read my blog” or “blog visibility” into Google and you’ll find a ton of sites offering diverse web-tools and tips to help you to reach ‘the public’ across various platforms.

But, assuming you have what to say and know how to say it well, if you want to build a good network and capture the value they can offer you and your business… the big question of course is:
How do you get significant relevant readership to your BLOG?

Well, if you only do 5 really important (and basically free!) things, do these:

  1. Without a doubt this is the most important key to capturing the interest of your readers and getting them to connect with you and ‘share’ your words with their networks: “Content is King”. Everyone knows this. But let me say it to you this way: Make it always absolutely worthwhile for your readers to interrupt their lives to read your rambling! Remember: Ogilvy is right. It’s just you and the reader; for as long as you can hold their attention. So deliver truly meaningful, timely, inspiring and helpful content always. That’s the first essential of good communication and interaction. If you don’t really have what to say, don’t. If you don’t know how to write it, ask someone who does. And, until you do, don’t blog and badger your network too often! Less is more, for sure!
  2. Comment regularly, interestingly, intelligently and honestly, on other well-read blogs and articles (from the news, business world, or by people like you or your target market). Do this well (and appropriately) and you’ll get noticed and ‘followed’ for right reasons.
  3. Invite bloggers or others with large readership and following of their own to write a great guest article on your blog (and/or get to write on theirs).
  4. Send eye-opening – perhaps controversial, perhaps uplifting, certainly noteworthy – articles to specific radio and TV show hosts and producers and to news writers and journalists. Make it something they’ll feel compelled to mention or discuss.
  5. Finally… don’t forget to include your blog-address and link to an article of choice wherever you can! (check out our “How Interesting are YOU?” article here:

Voila, these are the best 5 things you can do to gain exposure and interest in your blog posts.

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