Leadership: What Makes a Good Leader?

This question was asked on a well-known business forum by a Strategic Communications specialist from Toronto, Canada.

Apparently Moses had this question when seeking a replacement!

Well, firstly, at Strategic Minds we believe a truly good leader powerfully leads the relevant community towards progress whilst easily maintaining a culture of respect amongst all involved as well as for leadership within the environment that (has learnt to) appreciates it.

So yes, we say “Leadership is a Commitment to Make a World of Difference.”

But how? – “True leadership is to offer the greatest gift of all: The gift of empowerment; to enable another to achieve, to give, to love, to *be*…”

To this end, a good leader will hold:

(i) an excellent perspective (breadth and depth) of all pertinent knowledge
(ii) clarity of the situation as is
(iii) a vision for “what should/will be”
(iv) the personality that sees the value of each individual in his team, their potential as well as shortcomings and needs…

and then (v) the broad intelligence and genuine kindness to manage and continually nurture ALL the above 4 with open-mindedness, total integrity and welcomed goodwill.

‘Tis a rarity indeed, eh?