TARZAN2“If Tarzan Was An Entrepreneur What Would He Sell?”

Business or career stuck in a rut? Answer this question well and you’ll truly be in a new place and well on your way.

When we first put this question out to our network of customers and contacts we received – along with the unavoidable smiles and laughs of course – a range of responses like some listed here. If TARZAN was an entrepreneur he could sell:

  1. Guided tours around the forest
  2. Forest fruit, vegetation
  3. Survival course weekends
  4. Tree swinging rides
  5. Fun, frolics and more with apes at a premium price
  6. Animal language courses

But, the truth is, at his best as an ambitious entrepreneur, Tarzan would sell TARZAN – (after all, the creator did!). There’s the comic, the stories, the movie, the dolls, the stickers, the games, the dream… indeed TARZAN would sell all that he “IS”… and perhaps some expanded product lines, services and concepts as mentioned above too:)

Essentially, (especially when in a rut or in need of a ‘window’ to new possibilities), the idea is that you should firstly look no further than yourself, your talents, skills, experiences, strengths… how can these be (packaged and) sold? If you’re a business with several employees and perhaps an office, hardware you can ask yourselves exactly the same questions really. What can we do as a team? Can we take what we’ve learned until now and do what we do best but ‘better’ – almost always a very good solution by the way!  – Or, should we be able to intelligently transfer, tweak, apply what we know, what we have, who we are to develop a marketable concept?

It’s in front of your eyes. You just need to really define what you ‘have’ and see it as a newly designed offering. Sell the “how to” or “what to” or “when to” etc (in all it’s different forms) of whatever it is you understand best; sell what you ‘are’, what you stand for, what you know, what you can already do and have done… create a concept, ‘package’ it, and sell it well. That’s the point here. And remember, TARZAN’s been selling TARZAN for years!

So the serious answer, dear friends, or at least first step towards the best answer, is firstly to look at what’s right in front of you.

Need help with this? Some fresh eyes, new ideas, inspiration or motivation? It happens… It’s our job to help you take your ambitions to the success you need. So just be in touch; let’s talk soon and we’ll do our best to get you closer to where you want to be. Book your consult today and take advantage of our special offer currently running.