5 Top of Mind Tips for New Leaders & C-level Execs

These days “leadership” seems to be such a massively discussed topic at business meetups and forums. So many articles and posts seem to feature on the subject across social media. This post comes in response to a question we were asked by an Organization Leadership Coach, from the UK. Can you offer your 5 TopTips for someone moving into their first board level position?

Well, I tend not to be big a fan of randomly boxed “top 5…” and “top 10’s” or 7’s for that matter, but that’s a different matter!. Anyway, here’s our hopefully thought-provoking and beneficial dimension on that specific question. You’re new to ‘leadership’… here’s 5 things to remember:

1. Remember: Bethought leader lol nice, always

2. Remember: Be honest, always

3. Remember: You don’t ALWAYS have to tell the whole honest story

4. Remember: You don’t ALWAYS have to respond right away; you do ALWAYS have 10 seconds (or 60 or A DAY) to think

5. Remember: Be you, not the whole you ALWAYS, but always YOU, as best you can be

6. Because “top 5’s” don’t really exist, here’s one more – perhaps the most important and encompassing of all:
Remember: True leadership is about always looking to empower others, to be enabling others to achieve and to give further… always. (more on that here: http://www.strategicminds.eu/blog/leadershp-what-makes-a-good-leader)

Looking forward to hearing from you with your comments or if you have any questions. So be in touch 🙂