Continued “quality interaction” with existing and potential customers should intrinsically achieve a strengthening of Customer Loyalty (“True Love”). This can only be achieved through broad- minded pro-activity in important areas of Business Relationship Management – BRM.

A powerful and proven asset in today’s competitive and ever-evolving marketplace is a company’s ability to:
(i) ‘shift’ from a product process focus (stock-sell-invoice) to focus on a customer process

(ii) convert what is usually a re-active attitude into a 2-way pro-active culture of interaction

and then (iii) continuously Nurture and improve the quality of that relationship…

Look at the picture at left. Click to see larger versions and send us a message if you’d like to receive a slide with a customized set of pro-active activities you can implement. We’ll show you what happens at each stage and how you can trigger the new level of interaction with some interesting activity of your own.

“strategic communication is key to developing a successful ongoing platform of interaction”
Understanding the stages that evolve as a relationship develops allows you to trigger the possibility of easily creating the platform for growth when and how you want it to. How much to ‘give’ and how much to ‘show’, when to move from one step to the next and how to present your delivery. All these are crucial when you want to carefully initiate and cultivate sales and partnerships and no less so in the most basic/typical administrative interaction between you and any of your stakeholders.

Once your corporate identity, market position and brand identity are clear to all in your company, you want every communication that originates from your company to reflect all that is you and what you stand for. You also want to ensure your message and goals are received in the way you want and need them to be. Your copy/texts must be well-structured; what comes first and what closes the deal, what must you be sure to say in between. Using the right set-up and underlying approach, and the words and phrases that will guide your reader along the path you want them to happily tread, until you have them right where you want them to be.

Find a way to be writing what the reader wants to read more than what the writer wants to write!
Strategic Minds can provide you with on-site or distance training tools and information to enhance your sales teams’ potential for powerful communication as well as customized ‘templates’ for all standard outgoing letters and the like. We’ll also be glad to work with you on all your most important outgoing communication in the strictest confidentiality of course and with your best interests in mind always.

For what we can do for you in the way of Company Presentations for suppliers, investors, partners and clients.. please take a look at our page on “presentations”.