A brand in its essence is more than just an attractive Logo, a catchy tagline or other cool associated imagery.

A brand generates good relationships, solidifies reputation, suggests specific activities, encourages expectations, and delivers a promise. A brand smacks of consistency, promotes your vision and portrays a sense of uniqueness or leadership at some level. A brand should be a resounding affirmation of the company (and its people’s) identity and personality and everything these stand for; as well as a reflection of the owner and client perspective of the owner. The brand as a dynamic entity should send out a compelling message that will create immediate affinity and intensify the unique bond the unique between the company, its people and all its stakeholders.

So whether you run a large or smaller business, or one man show for that matter, there is an image it portrays that should be distinct and a reflection of its active existence and deserved place in the market. The visual expression of your business, as you choose it to be, is your Brand Image. Love it. Respect it. Live it.

How would you describe your company brand? What does it stand for?
Some (a glimpse) of the questions you should ask yourself are:
What is the aura we try or want to create and deliver?
What is our current Perceived ‘strength’ by the market?
What do we do best?
How do we want to be perceived by our customers and potential customers?
– “I want them to know that we are…”
• What colour is our business?
• As a company and business:
Are we a well-oiled Pick-up truck, a Ferrari, a Volvo, a Prius, a Rolls Royce, a BMW, a Mini, a Mercedes, other?
Oh, and as a person, and as a business… What’s your favorite thing about yourself?