Your presentation must never be a glorified ‘activity and results report’. It must always be a chosen window into your boardroom, an insight into the way you think; convincingly selling the idea that there is an unspoken method and vision to whatever you do. Your presentation should be a believable reflection of what you think about alone in your head in bed at night; the foundation of what you justifiably want.

A good company presentation is about convincing the bank manager who knows you mainly through your account history and small-talk, the supplier who has no idea what you really do with their products nor why you choose to work in certain ways, the investors from whom you want to invest more money and the client who knows you well and has seen your website and ‘marketing’… that you think more than you say; that your company has a guided focus and strategy. Most importantly, you want to leave them convinced that having a business relationship with you is more than worthwhile.

To get it right you need to answer to specific questions and relevant issues that you think your viewer may have. Yes you’ll want to summarize your history and maybe your corporate structure, to highlight your market position, your standard and special activities, and to show-off your brand identity and your positive developments. But your presentation must eventually answer the question: “How will working closer with ME fit perfectly into YOUR business model today and improve YOUR business tomorrow?” – That’s the question your viewer asks themselves and primarily expects you to answer.

In a clear and forward-thinking manner we can help you show what your “story is and will be”, what your differentiating strengths are, which activities you excel in and which development plans you have and what you want or need to make it happen. Your presentation will tell a strategically developed story, usually told best face-to-face with a captivating backdrop of visuals, all carefully woven to show an aligned thread of strong business thought. This way you will powerfully yet attractively guide your viewer to the faith and interest in your company’s future that you want them to take on and support.