Asking yourself the right questions about your company will lead you to the best answers that can empower your potential for success. When you successfully link the core strengths of your company with a relevant need for your products or services you will then be able to establish a market position that makes most sense for you – and hopefully sets you apart from others – within your industry.

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Are You Unique in Some Relevant Way?
For Example ask yourself?
• What sector of the trade pipeline to you service?
• Are your offers or is your approach set apart from others in your sector in some significant way that makes a positive difference to your existing and potential customers?
• How important are you to the market at your level?
• What is ‘unique’ about your business?
– Unique status, products, services, people, activities? Unique something else???
• What strength do you have that will ensure that you are still important in 5 years’ time?
• In a sentence or two, can you define or describe the strength of the company brand? Think: “Our company is…”

• How would your customers describe you?
• How would you like them to describe you?
• Who are your real everyday key competitors? What immediately differentiates you from them?
• Are you “me first” (pioneering) or “me too” (a market follower) company?
• To your clients, are you:
– Craftsmen or Manufacturers? Suppliers or Brokers? Partners or Distributors?
– Are your customers opportunities for you or partners in business?
• Are you the Good Choice & Fair Price company? Quality & Choice & Convenience company?
Price/Quality (the middle class of each product) company? Quality, Trust company? Trust, Convenience company? Cheapest, Convenience company? Luxury, Service company? Other?

These are just some of the broader questions you will want to consider when realizing your real and relevant market position.