Of course you want to create a great looking, efficiently functional and viewer-focused site that reflects your brand image and offer. But there are millions of great sites; some in your sector too! Your focus must not overlook the need to achieve a Search Engine Optimized platform. Your website must be built so that it can be readily found and easily chosen by the search engines as a “best search result” for the internet user.

NO ONE can truly guarantee ranking at #1 on the search engine page. Anyone who tells you they can is simply lying. Remember, unless someone searches for your exact company name or proprietary product or service there’s no reason for other companies in your sector not come up ahead of you in the results. They may even be spending more intensely than you on a wider range of intelligent online marketing tools and activities.

Also, the competition between websites to “own” standard terms in your industry is high and generic industry terms are likely to be found in different contexts on millions of other related and non-related sites. You might be selling “airplanes” but that word is used as a search term by more consumers looking to see what plane they’ll be flying on than by people looking to buy their own jet from companies like yours. But, we can certainly attract significant volumes of *relevant and potentially profitable traffic* to your site by being aware of the search queries made using broadly relevant and related search terms.

At the end of the day, you want the ‘visitors’ that matter most to find you. Good SEO design will continuously make sure to feature up-to-date relevant and related keywords and highly-used search terms that *consumers* are using when searching for products they might be interested in buying.

We have to be technically advanced and constantly on the ball; and a little bit shrewd too. Behind the the information you share on the site there’s an intelligently formed structure and host of detailed technical work to be done. And, together with you, within the key messages you want to deliver we must weave the best ‘search friendly’ information and “related keywords” into your content. To get high rankings you must not so much consider what you as the ‘supplier’ and company owner / salesman would input as a search term to find your offer. You must put yourself in the “mindset” of the consumer and their lifestyle and profile perhaps more than focusing on the specific products or services you are trying to sell. Consider “who” is looking for your kinds of products and what related things are of interest to them whilst browsing the internet. Click here to see how and what’s important in SEO infra-structure and management