“Using the Internet as our platform and channel we will play an essential role in your market development efforts”

Strategic Minds web strategy & design department specializes in custom-built web solutions. Inspired by the understanding of your company and goals and constantly up-to-date with the ever-changing web scenery and aware of internet users’ behavior, we are committed to satisfying your needs beyond your own expectations. With this in mind, we’ll develop an appropriate and logical website strategy plan with you.

Development and Strategy
Every business has a unique history, a distinctive aura; its own inimitable style and personality. You also have specific goals for your presence online.

You will get what you really need and not anything you don’t; clearing the bandwidth and page-space for the most important messages you want to share. Expect eye-catching, user-friendly, stay-on-this-site websites! From layout to wording, color to music, core elements and extras, your ‘home’ on the Internet will reach out, connect and capture the interest and value you seek from the visitors who count.

Your website is personalized entirely for you and developed with a absolutely “user friendly” interface. Written in custom HTML code, all websites created can be enhanced with Flash, CGI scripts, DHTML, e-mail boxes, interactive user databases and yes, e-commerce. All artwork used on the website is customized for you, including logos where necessary, reformatted old artwork, and is “load time” optimized for the Internet.

Much thought is invested into eventual “web placement”. To this end, all the information on your site is meticulously reviewed so as to ensure that your company is an “easy find” for the Internet user. This is done by tactically customizing the website interface; preparing your site to be “crawled out” by search engines, and hence maximizes the potential “hits” your site receives.

Site Care and Support
We can help you arrange purchasing domain names and we provide a reliable and cost-efficient web hosting solution.

Once the web site and relevant ‘actions’ have been completed and in line with our commitment to the continued success of your business, it goes without saying that we remain on hand to respond to any relevant further issues that you may have. So we will be there to efficiently upload any new materials, information updates, changes, and to deliver you content too if you’d like.